OFX . The New Adventure

Hi! So I had a false start with FxPlug and am looking to new avenues to put my effort into. After toying around in some free tools like Blender 3D, Natron and DaVinci Resolve I have decided to pay some time to OpenFX plugins.

As pointed out by a friend OFX has very chaotic implementations across platforms. Windows, Linux and MacOS are all in different places. This requires starting at the beginning and figuring out what works and what doesn’t on each platform. The bonus is that I can access all these hosts for free.

That said, the journey begins here. I have decided to implement my first plugin in OFX and will first be tested on DaVinci Resolve and then Natron. If there are any Nuke users out there please let me know. The reward of working with Natron is that it is open source and I could potentially add any functionality to the the host required to make sure that OFX functionality that I need is completely supported.

That first plugin will be a super simple gradient tool. There will be no on screen controls to begin with. Just fine simple parameters. More ramp than gradient to begin with. Nothing custom ( surprise! ).

I will document the progress on this plugin in the next post.






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