Custom FxPlug Framework that provides for publishable groups from Apple Motion to Final Cut Pro with the ability to enable / disable groups and change the visibility of group and subgroup related OSCs.

The Framework is easily included in any FXPlug SDK project. I will post the header of methods here shortly.

UPDATED TO LukesGroups_v092b567.
Corrected download link and added example plugin and source code.
Groups now have correct initial behavior ( expanded correctly ).
Group and OSC toggles correctly placed in Apple Motion 5.6.3 and FCP 10.6.5.

For the FXShape LGG Example you will need to run a terminal command on it to run or you will get an error on launch. Download and unzip. Go to terminal and paste xattr -c into the terminal. Then drag the FxShape Installer from the finder to the terminal window. Select terminal window and press return. Run the app then the plugin should be available in Motion and FCP. Again, this is bypassing OSX GateKeeper. Stay vigilant, keep your Mac clean.

BETA No loneger available.






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    You can look for yourself when I release the beta framework tomorrow.

    Maybe I should call it BSG?


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